Included inside are detailed pics and instructions on…
  • Back & Rear Delts - Four workouts
  • Biceps - Three workouts
  • Triceps – Four workouts
  • Chest - Two workouts
  • Shoulders – Three workouts

My name is Jaco De Bruyn and I want to show you how I personally use Cable pulleys to keep my ripped look (that’s me below).

jaco de bruyn

I’ve been working out for over ten years and as you can see, I’ve managed to get ripped and bulk up… but most importantly I’ve stayed that way through theyears. I now spend some of my time coaching and teaching guys on how they can achieve the same.

Normally I don’t give away my guides for free… but here today I want to give you a detailed PDF guide that shows exactly how to use cable-pulleys for maximum gains.

I call it Weapons of Mass Definition

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